motorcycle registration fee 2021 in bangladesh

If you are searching about motorcycle registration fee 2021 in bangladesh then you are in right place. In our country, the motorcycle registration system is a bit of a chore Customers have to go through a lot of hassle to do under BRTA. On the other hand, even with unregistered motorcycles, one has to go through many misfortunes.

On the one hand, there is no way out without registration, so if you do not know the problems, you have to face problems while registering a motorcycle. So today we will know the details about motorcycle registration.

Advantages and disadvantages

Motorcycle registration means getting a certificate from a government approved organization that the real ownership of this motorcycle is yours and all the information of the motorcycle recorded in the official documents at the same time. You can keep the following points in mind while following the motorcycle registration procedure.

If you have not registered your motorcycle, it means that you have not paid the VAT applicable by the government. In other words, the cost of registration will be yours, but it will go to the public sector, so if you do not have a motorcycle registration, you will face a case.

A certain amount of fine will be imposed in the case. If you are unable to pay the fine, your vehicle may be taken away. Or the vehicle may be banned from driving on the road. Just because you are not registered means your vehicle is invalid.
So motorcycle registration is an urgent matter.

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Necessary documents of motorcycle registration

First of all, you have to understand the legal documents of the dealer from whom you have taken the motorcycle. Also need some more paperwork. E.g.

  • Import related papers.
  • Copy of your national identity card.
  • Run the treasury of Sonali Bank in favor of the importer who has imported.
  • Cash memo.
  • Gate pass.
  • Customs related documents.
  • VAT 11 invoices in favor of both the dealer and the importer.

The documents must be understood from the dealer from whom you have taken the motorcycle. Many times dealers do not want to give some paperwork intentionally. Because you have to accept the harassment to register and get the registration done by the dealer with extra money.
So if you want to register the motorcycle yourself, you must understand everything.

Motorcycle registration form

Before know about motorcycle registration fee 2021 in bangladesh you have to know about motorcycle registration form. After collecting all the above documents, you can go to the BRTA website or directly to the office and collect the registration form. You will attach all your above paperwork with this form.

Because this is your motorcycle registration application form. So after completing everything in the right way, be careful to see if you have connected everything. Because the motorcycle registration process is very troublesome, thousands suffer for even a small mistake. After completing the form, go to the BRTA office and verify the application set.

If all goes well, you will have to pay a registration fee if approved. For this you will be given an assessment slip which is also called Money Deposit Slip. In this slip you have to give your information and the information of the motorcycle. It should also mention the detailed cost of buying a motorcycle.

Be careful to get the official signature and seal after completing everything. Must take.

Motorcycle registration cost 2021

If you want to know about the motorcycle registration system, it is natural for you to be interested to know about the cost 2021. All the paperwork has to be paid at the booth or bank prescribed by BRTA.

The fixed motorcycle registration fee 2021 in bangladesh is:

  • Bikes of 50-100 cc weighing 16,390 over 90 kg. 12,390 if under 90 kg weight.
  • If the 101-150 cc bike weighs more than 90 kg, the cost will be 18,690.
  • For bikes below 90 kg, you have to pay Rs 13,690.

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A total of 15 percent VAT has to be paid on all fees. So you have to deposit money including VAT. In addition, you can calculate how much it will cost with a special calculator on the BRTA’s web site, just with the bike information.
Even if you don’t, there is no problem because it will be written on the deposit slip how much you have to pay.

Motorcycle registration certificate.

After completing the bank deposit, you will submit the attachment of all the documents to the BRTA office. The vehicle inspection officer will then inspect your vehicle and all the documents and give the acknowledgment slip so that the vehicle registration number, fitness, tax token will be given. And only by carrying it you can travel anywhere in the country with the motorcycle.

You will then be called for biometric registration. The work of registration will be completed within a few days of data collection Once the registration is completed, you will receive a message on your mobile phone. And can collect your number plate from the desk. Usually available within a period of 1 month.

Motorcycle registration verification

Go to the message option from your phone and type VAHAN space with the registration number 7738299899 and check your vehicle information in the return message.

Renewal: Registration of a motorcycle is approved for a specified period. It has to be renewed later after that period. To issue a tax token, you can reissue the previous paperwork of your registration by re-issuing a fee to the bank designated by BRTA.

Conclusion: Although these steps may seem difficult at the moment, it is not impossible to do anything with patience. So collect all the information and papers and register your favorite motorcycle.

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